Welcome to Ivaylo Rusinov Photography page!

My name is Ivaylo Rusinov and I have opted for my vocation to express the beauty and the emotion of your special moments. I aim to express the individuality of each event and every client. Wedding, children’s birthday party, holy christening, prom – each of these moments has its own charge and it’s my honor and pleasure to create for you a time machine called photos that will bring you back to them with a smile.

Photographing of each event means teamwork between the photographer and the client. Trust is needed in order for a team to be successful. For this reason I want to be at your service, rather than simply offer you service. Following these principles, in this website you will find comprehensive information on all the details about the commitment to you, as well as the vision and the quality of the final product.

To help the future newlyweds, the site has a section "Useful".

Also visit the "Promotions" section. You will find attractive bundled services for wedding photography.

You can also rely on my experience as a professional photographer for photographing of interior, advertising photography and any kind of event requiring recording.

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