The crucial questions to ask your potential wedding photographer

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Looking for the best wedding photographer London? Here is a useful tip to keep in mind when picking among the many wedding photographers London – don’t be afraid to ask all the important questions before choosing the best one to handle your own wedding photography.  Here are some of the questions you shouldn’t forget to ask them:

  • Ask to see a full wedding set of pictures taken by the wedding photographer. If possible, ask for a set from a wedding which was held in a similar venue as the one you have chosen. The set of pictures should be able to give you a general feel of the work of the wedding photographer, their style and skills. You can also enquire for a set of wedding photos of a couple which is physically similar to you as well.
  • Ask whether the wedding photographer uses multiple flashes and works in different types of lighting. This skill can make a whole difference in the resulting wedding album.
  • You should ask whether the wedding photographer has shot another wedding at the same venue which you have picked for your special day. If so, ask to look at the pictures. You may require your informal wedding photographer London to go visit the venue to research it, but basically a good Hampton court house wedding photographer or any other professional and experienced wedding photographer should know how to adapt to different settings and how to get creative anywhere and at any time.


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  • Aside from inquiring about the wedding photographers London prices, make sure you ask about the experience and the number of weddings the different photographers have shot. Although a bigger number is not necessarily a guarantee for a higher quality of the service, experience does matter. You can ask about the latest wedding which a photographer shot, and ask about the specific challenges, issues and other specific details to get a feel of the professionalism and the artistic side of the photographer too.
  • Remember to enquire about the kind of editing done on the pictures. An average documentary wedding photographer London will perform a classic edit of your wedding photos. This doesn’t mean photo shopping though. The latter is more of an enhancement and is very timely, which means that it is very costly too.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask whether your potential wedding photographer will edit the wedding photos by themselves, or will they be outsourced to image editors, and if so, how experienced in wedding photography Derbyshire or elsewhere in the city is the image editor.
  • Ask whether your wedding photos will be similar to those from the photographer’s online official portfolio. Remember that the editing can be done by high quality editors, which may not be the case for your wedding photos.


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  • Always ask, even if you are looking for informal wedding photography London whether the photographer has a contract for their wedding photography services. Please, never trust or hire a wedding photographer who doesn’t have or want to sign a contract with you! Make sure the contract includes the payment plan, the cancelation policy, the overtime work, ownership of the photos and other crucial points.
  • Ask if you will be able to reproduce the pictures from your own wedding yourselves – get this one in writing!