A new Chinese trend is boosting wedding photographers London’s businesses

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A new trend among the nouveau riche Chinese couples has been a blessing for wedding photographers London. More and more soon to be married couples flood to London to get their wedding photos being taken at iconic landmarks. Also popular destinations are: Cambridge, Oxford, York, Brighton and Cornwall’s Land’s End.

Some of the couples bring along their own photographers from their homeland to take charge of the wedding photography, but others hire their choice for wedding photographer London at some skyrocketing wedding photographers London prices.

According to a documentary wedding photographer London we asked, this new trend has most possibly be fuelled by the world popular Downton Abby series, which has drawn more than 160 million viewers in China. Plus the fact that one of the biggest Chinese celebrities Jay Chou chose Selby Abbe and Castle Howard in Yorkshire as a wedding venue.


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The Chinese admire England as a culturally rich and yet safe country, which is why they prefer it to other possible European destinations for wedding photography.

Unfortunately for all Chinese couples flying in to get their wedding photos taken at the real life Downton Abbey – the Highclere House, no alternative wedding London photographer is able to secure the venue for the photoshoot. The only way for a couple to get their wedding photos taken there is to book the venue for the wedding itself – yes, it is available!

According to wedding photographers London prices for using the different venues vary. For example, Castle Howard can be used for a wedding photoshoot for an entire day for £3,000, which in many cases is a bit too much even for the rich Chinese couples.


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Some wedding photographers London offer these Chinese couples wedding photo shoot packages, such as a £1,350 package for photo sessions at three London landmarks, such as Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.  There are packages which also include 2 additional locations outside of London, such as: Cotswolds, Oxford or a nearby lavender field which is a very sought for venue according to a lavender wedding photographer London we spoke to.

Although local people don’t mind the new trend, most of them find it difficult to understand the motivation for such lavish pre-wedding photo shoots. In actuality, the tradition of taking wedding photos prior to the actual wedding is very popular in China, Japan and across Asia.

Since the concept of a pre-wedding shoot is quite exotic for people in England, a well-known wedding photographer London has chosen to explain the photo sessions to the local people as “engagement photos.”


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Since the Chinese business and industry is constantly growing and getting stronger, the tendency of young Chinese people travelling to London and England for their pre-wedding photo session is more likely to keep growing.

Meanwhile, this trend is helping the wedding photographers London to boost their business and profits, and also helps small quaint parish churches and other local venues to gain popularity and to gain some profit as well!